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                                                                                                         618-954-8192 Dongola  Illinois 62926
                                                        *Deposits are Non- Refundable*
 **No Exceptions**
                                      Read our contract if you are interested in a puppy , the 
                                       contract stand's regardless if it is signed or not* 
                                      Buying a puppy is a serious commitment , read our 
                                      contract before contacting us so you understand the 
                                      terms of adopting a puppy from us*This is a life time
                                      commitment to the Rottweiler and we take this very 
                                      seriously. Rottweilers are our passion and we want 
                                      them in the best homes only*

 1. The Buyer has given a deposit of $ 300 for the purchase of a Rottweiler Puppy from Cerny's
Rottweilers, the deposit is a commitment from the buyer to purchase said animal and is therefore
non-refundable should the buyer choose not to complete the purchase of said puppy,
Should a puppy of a chosen sex not be whelped in the litter the deposit will be forwarded to the next available litter.
 2.The balance of $_______ is to be paid prior to the receipt of said Rottweiler when the Rottweiler is 8 weeks old
and the Rottweiler needs to be picked up when the Rottweiler is ready for placement in the new owners home,
Failure to pick up the Rottweiler puppy by 8 weeks of age will result in the Rottweiler being placed up for sale and
buyer loses all monies invested and they will lose the right to purchase said puppy. Puppies must be paid in full
at the time the puppy is leaving for the new home, Only Cash will be accepted the day a puppy leaves for their
new homes and all arrangements regarding picking up the puppy after 8 weeks of age Must be in writing and
signed by both Joseph and Linda Cerny for the agreement to be valid, No verbal agreements can be made.
 3.All Shipping and transportation cost including crate plus veterinary expenses acquired after the release of the
animal to the new owner is sole responsibility of the new owner , The new owner is aware that owning a
Rottweiler or any other animal requires the care of a vet. and cost is determined by the vet . of choice by the new
owner and all cost is the responsibility of new owner.
 4 AKC reg. will be provided to the new owner at the time the puppy is released for their new home, Show
Prospect or Breeding Prospect puppies will come with Full AKC Reg. Papers, Pet/ Companion puppies will come
with Limited AKC Papers ONLY and no puppy sold on Limited AKC Reg. is to be used for breeding and the
purchaser agrees to Alter their puppy and have them sterile by 18 Months of age by a licensed Vet.
 5. When the puppy is picked up only cash will be accepted .
 6.If the Rottweiler develops a serious genetic health disorder prior to 24 months of age this includes Hip
dysplasia if this directly results in death or debilitation and is documented by a Licensed Vet DVM we will give a
replacement puppy ( if a female from our kennel is breed prior to being OFA certified and results on file with the
OFA this contract is void) . All records must be released and reviewed by us and we may require the dog to be
brought to us for examination by our DVM . If the Rottweiler dies an autopsy may be mandatory and can be
enforced by Cerny's Rottweilers when the request for a new puppy is made. All Vet. Records must be valid
and All Veterinarian information must be released to Cernys Rottweilers . We will give a new puppy from a
new litter if it is deemed to be a genetic disorder , herniated belly buttons & cherry eye are not considered a
serious condition and are not covered by our guarantee. If it is deemed this Rottweiler died due to abuse, neglect
or any other form of animal cruelty the Rottweiler will not be replaced and legal action may be ensued.
 7. The seller agrees that at the time of the sale of the Rottweiler to the new owner the Rottweiler is in Good
Health to the best of their knowledge all puppies will be pre-examined by our vet also all puppies will be current
on all age appropriate vaccinations & wormings.This puppy has been fed a Quality Kibble and the buyer agrees
to continue feeding the Rottweiler a Quality Kibble for the remainder of this Rottweiler's Life.
 8. The buyer agrees to send by e-mail or US mail a photo of this Rottweiler at 12 months and 24 months of age.
Failure to send this photo will deem this contract VOID on all terms.
 9. Any serious report must be officially written up with clinic's official letter head and signed by the Vet. The
official report including the dog's date of birth , registered name/number , and micro-chip number must be
scanned and sent to us by US mail within 24 hours after the examination . the report must be clear and precise
stating the symptoms , exact problem , severity and the test (s) that have been done, i.e. x rays , ultra sounds,
blood test ect. A second (2nd ) official licensed vet. report from a state clinic will also be needed stating the same
problem . It must also be on official headed paper and signed .The second report my be done as soon as
conveniently possible . Clear digital photos and /or a video may also be requested by Cernys Rottweilers to
verify a problem. Before any claim is granted Cernys Rottweilers  has the right to obtain the opinion of their
vet to validate the claim.
 10. Congenital and Genetic diseases which are not life threatening and do not adversely affect the health of the
animal are not covered by this guarantee . Such diseases are localized demodex mange, Grade 1 and 2 Heart
Murmurs, Grade 1 and 2 Luxating patellas, cherry eye , localized mange , bladder stones, inverted eye lids, or
 11. The buyer agrees to care for the Rottweiler in a humane way and give this Rottweiler love,exercise, training,
daily care, vet care, vaccinations , food and water for the duration of this Rottweilers life span. The buyer agrees
that this Rottweiler will have proper housing for it's lifetime.
 12. The buyer agrees NEVER to turn this Rottweiler over to any type of Animal Shelter or Humane Society . You
can return the Rottweiler to Cernys Rottweilers but there is No Refunds on the purchase and all paper work
you received must be returned to us at the same time. We never want any puppies or adults we produce to end
up in a shelter.
 13. Buyer Guarantee's this Rottweiler will never be used in part of a puppy mill, research lab or fighting of
domestic animals.
 14.All puppies must be micro-chipped at their first vet within 14 days of release to new owner and copies sent
immediately to Cernys Rottweilers . No replacement puppies will be given unless the identity of the
Rottweiler can be verified with this original micro-chip # and Micro-Chip # must be on the OFA papers. Cernys
Rottweilers always has the right to verify puppies/dogs identity with any issue arising .There are no
exceptions if the puppy was not micro-chipped and all paper work sent to us or the puppy did not have proper
vet care that can be verified the Health Guarantee is void on all terms.
 15.We cannot place a Rottweiler or a Rottweiler puppy or accept a deposit from anyone regarding the placement
of a Rottweiler if the person is under the age of 25 years absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS.
 16. Buyers Guarantee No puppy shall have it's tail docked/amputated  after it is purchased from Cernys Rottweilers.
No exceptions. Contract will be void if this occurs.

This agreement is binding and non~other can be added there a No Refunds.
Buyer - Sign & Date:__________________________________________________________

Breeder -  Sign & Date:__________________________________________________________

If you purchase a puppy without a signed Gaurantee there is no Gaurantee on the puppies Health and there a
NO REFUNDS ON DEPOSITS or Purchase Price of Puppy~